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How to increase hotel bookings by managing your customers’ reviews

By: Blog Lobbypms
Date: 17 May, 2019
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When the online reputation of your hotel is positive, you can use this as a marketing tool that will improve the business growth and business income. 

What is the first thing that you think before choosing the ideal place for a vacation? Surely, you have gone to many places by references of others and this has done your experience more safe and real. 

According to Tripadvisor, 93% of customers search about the online reputation before deciding on making a reservation and 49% of travelers do not reserve a hotel when having not any comment.  

The top ratings, the negative and positive customer reviews, have become the most important information to future customers. Additionally, the measuring of this will help you for managing improvements in your establishment. 

The communication and good treatment contribute in the same way to customer loyalty in the actual clients. Also, their good experiences and future comments about your business will motivate other travelers to visit your hosting place and enjoy your products and services.

Understand that the management of your social network or review platform can have good and bad reviews by people. For that reason is important to answer all the commentaries.

As a service provider, a recommendation can be attended like a necessity of your guesthouse, solving the problem you will achieve in the future to decrease negative reactions.

If your establishment has a tool like feedback where has a few comments, remember that travelers will be able to read 3 and 6 comments before taking a decision. Most people search pages as TripAdvisor, Google, and other online agencies.

The LobbyPMS hotel software allows you to configure the comment link of your account on TripAdvisor or fan page on Facebook. Then, when the client checks out, an invitation is sent automatically to leave a review to the business account.

If you are a Lobby PMS customer, have you already try it? Learn more about how to configure this functionality here.

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