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Brazil as a tourist destination

By: Blog Lobbypms
Date: 14 Jun, 2019
Rio de Janerio

Tourism in Brazil is wonderful.

Regarding to the America Cup 2019, after 30 years Brazil was the venue for this event where thousands of tourists enjoyed a football party around five cities.

Tourism in Brazil - Lobby PMS

Cortesía de Latinos Magazine 

Brazil offers a unique tourist experience. It is one of the best destinations for having fun and cultural immersion. Is a country where you can enjoy the cuisine and hospitality of people.

The carioca’s country is already receiving all the tourism which will enjoy the America Cup. That is why we did a list of representative places that you can visit after the games or any other time.

Rio de Janeiro

It is the second-largest city in Brazil. This city collects representations of several places worldwide. Also the city has privileged weather with temperatures around 26 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Ipanema, Leblon Beach, and Copacabana: these are the most touristic places in Rio de Janeiro and in general in Brazil. Adicionally, are surrounded by mountains and vegetation where you can walk through the colorful streets. And is easy to find good food and options to eat  in different restaurants.

Lage Park: is a public park in Rio de Janeiro, located near to the Morro do Corcovado in the Botanical garden street.

Cristo the Redeemer: from the Corcovado, is the famous statue of Jesus with arms extend showing the city of Rio. The statue has a height of 30.1 meters plus. This statue is one of the wonders of the world.

Tourism in Brazil - Lobby PMS

Tourism in Brazil - Lobby PMS

Tourism in Brazil - Lobby PMS

Río de Janeiro is definitely one of the best cities for tourism in Brazil.

São Paulo

It is the main financial city of Brazil and it is categorized as one of the best cities in Latin America to do business.

Batman’s Alley: this outdoor museum is full of street art. Is a totally different experience and one of the most photographed places in the city seen on Instagram.

Parque do Ibirapuera: it is considered the green lung of the city. Is the scene of public and private events, such as concerts or artistic exhibitions.

Football Museum: this place  was inaugurated in 2008 and shows to people the history of Brazilian football from its origins. You may also be interested in the Barrio da Liberdade better known as the Japanese neighbors where you can find street stalls and restaurants also, places to buy gifts and collectibles from asiatic culture.

Tourism in Brazil - Lobby PMS

Tourism in Brazil - Lobby PMS

Belo Horizonte

It was the first planned city of Brazil Currently, the buildings of the colonial area are mixed with the tall skyscrapers and with the impressive modern works.

Some of the most visited places in this part of Brazil are:

The Inhotim Institute: located in Brumadinho, it is one of the most important collections of contemporary art in Brazil also. Is considered the largest open-air museum in the world.

Praça da Liberdade: it is one of the best architectural complexes in Brazil.

Praça do Papa: it is a great viewpoint of the city, and if you are a popular art lover, a good recommendation is the famous Fiat House of Culture.

Salvador de Bahía

It is a famous place for their Portuguese colonial architecture. Also for the Afro-Brazilian culture and their tropical coastline.

Their historic center is characterized by cobblestone streets. In addition, it is a colorful city with buildings and baroque churches, such as San Francisco Church. This is one of the 350 cathedrals of Salvador de Bahía and it is recognized as a Unesco Heritage. It was made of 400 kg of gold.

Pelourinho: it is located in the historic center of Bahía, and is characterized by a well preserved baroque colonial architecture.

The Lighthouse of Barra: it has a sensational sight. In the beginning, it was fulfilled the fundamental idea of warning marking distances for the boats that passed through there. To enter it has a minimal cost and if you are lucky you will watch the Olodum perform rehearsals in the streets near the historic center.

Porto Alegre

This city is a mix of modern architecture and perfect cultural life. It is the capital of the state of Rio Grande. Located near to five rivers, this city has been an important industrial center, and it has a closeness with other MERCOSUR capitals like Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

The Farroupilha Park: is the most traditional and popular park of Porto Alegre, being used by the locals, which are visited in hours for resting and recreation with the family.

Alfandega Square: is one of the most popular parks in Porto Algre, a big square that mixes nature with architecture. It is one of the representative scenarios of the city, as well as the historic center where we also recommend walking around the streets.

Tourism in Brazil is an exciting experience. Is this country is your next destination, do not forget to visit some of these recommended places.

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