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Case of success: Happy Buddha Hostel Guatapé

By: Blog Lobbypms
Date: 19 Nov, 2020

Happy Buddha Hostel Guatape

Happy Buddha Hostel Guatapé is the perfect place for people looking to explore, enjoy and meet new people. With daily activities and nightly events they offer differts plans to their guests making their experience totally recommendable.

Happy Buddha Hostel Guatape

Activities such as Paintball, Tejo, horse riding, motorcycle tours, boat trips and wakeboarding on their private beach are just some of the many activities that Happy Buddha Hostel Guatapé offers.

They are located about 10 to 15 minutes from Guatapé. Their guests are picked up in a jeep at the meeting point they have established. The pick up is included in the reservation. 

They offer a full bar and restaurant next to the pool with a nice view of El Peñón. During the weekends they have events to integrate their visitors,  usually there is a live DJ at the bar.

 Happy Buddha Hostel Guatape

The establishment has 4 private rooms, private bathroom, breakfast included, four shared rooms and two apartments, all managed with Lobby PMS software.

They have 5 public bathrooms all with hot showers. Also shared rooms are equipped with lockers and private rooms with refrigerators and safety deposit box.

Happy Buddha Hostel Guatape

They have set up features from Lobby PMS such as:

 Points of Sale: they are listing the products to have the inventory organized, especially at the bar. They were doing it manually.

 Website Booking Engine: the hostel has access to view all the information of guests, make room changes, view the booking status and update rates.

 Connection with Channel Manager: the hostel has direct synchronization of  Lobby PMS calendar with OTAS like Booking.com, Expedia, Hostelworld and others.  Their booking engine is connected to their website and their social media profiles.

 Daily Reports: they visualize all the reservation and the occupation of the hostel, the guests that arrive and those who leaves during the day. All of the mentioned earlier helps to open and close the cash log. 

 Legal Billing: Jorge Granados is one of the receptionists of the establishment and he has been using the Lobby PMS software for more than 8 months. “He handles it easily, he learned to use it while reading step by step the system configurations but he has checked everything”.

Happy Buddha Hostel Guatape

During the week it has a 45 to 50% occupation filled with foreign visitors from the Netherlands, the United States, England and other countries. During the weekends it is 100% full for national visitors.

Lobby PMS has simplified the management of their accommodation and it can do with your property as well. Lobby will help you to increase online reservations like most of the hotels that has signed with us.

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