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Differences between 13 types of accommodation buildings

By: Blog Lobbypms
Date: 22 Feb, 2019
Diferencia de Alojamientos

We travel around the world, and we know about travel, but sometimes we wonder what would be the best option for our stay.

We have thousands of options and some people identify some types of accommodation depending on what they needed or what they like. If you want to recognize some of them keep reading!  We will show the difference between each one of these places.

Types of accommodation - Lobby PMS

Hotel: it is the type of common lodging, where the traveler has an independent room. It has the option of daily cleaning, food, reception and other services. These places have qualifications until seven stars to define the quality of its services and installations.

Types of accommodation - Lobby PMS

Hostel: easily related to uncomplicated travelers who stay for a short time and additionally looking for low-cost accommodation, or as they are known, backpackers. Where guest hotel can share a room or have one independent. A hostel offers common bathroom and kitchen services.

Types of accommodation - Lobby PMS

Motel: this place is usually available near the roads or away from the city center and they are passing accommodations with large parking areas. The concept is derived from the union of the Motor + Hotel. Perfect for roadtrip.

Types of accommodation - Lobby PMS

Hotel apartment: is oriented for long stays. The rooms are like apartments, so everything is own, bathroom and kitchen staff. Provides comfort and independence.

Types of accommodation - Lobby PMS

Apartment: as the hotel is designed for long stays, sometimes it has a minimum rental time. It has a good kitchen space and separate bathrooms, Usually, space can be for more than two persons. 

Boutique hotel: this place offers exclusivity to guests, sophisticated details within the rooms and, in general, in all areas of the hotel. Some of them are thematic and the boutique hotel frequently has a qualification of five stars hotel. They are creating spaces that generate customer remembrance. 

More types of accommodation …

Resort: the place is for accommodation for tourist and holiday trips. It has full service for those who are looking for a relaxing time and a lot of entertainment. They are large places with large swimming pools, sports facilities, spas, clubs, luxury environments, and group activities.

Lodge: these are perfect places to disconnect you of your daily life. Located in the middle of nature, the lodges are ecological spaces created in the natural environment. Their service is similar to the current hotels.

Camping: are temporary, portable, improvised tents, adaptable in nice places as a parks, ecological zones,  beaches, hills or mountains. It can also be on snow, in a forest or in a jungle. 

Glamping: is the union of the words Glamour + Camping. It is becoming important in the traveling world because it combines the benefits of camping in the open air and close to nature (camping) with the advantages offered by a luxury hotel (glamour).

Capsule hotels: these are in successful asian countries like Japan where they have a reduced space. Capsule hotels are very economical because they offer a large number of capsules in a small space. In addition, bathrooms and other facilities are common.

Eco hotels: these are hotels that promote activities to contribute and do not damage the environment. The eco hotels always seek to reduce the environmental impact using renewable energy, such as electricity through solar panels, recycled materials and organic foods.

Floating hotels: these are today the novelty in international tourism because are small houses that float on lakes or even in the middle of the sea. Also these are large and stable for luxurious and comfortable genres.

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