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Case of success: Casa Kiwi Hostel

By: Blog Lobbypms
Date: 23 Mar, 2019
Casa Kiwi Medellin

Casa Kiwi Hostal is a case of commercial success that has been strengthened after the implementation of the LobbyPMS platform.

This place has more than 13 years of experience. It is located in the neighborhood Provenza in Poblado where has positioned as one of the best hostels in Medellin. This hostel has received thousands of national and foreign tourists come to enjoy the city.

The hostel has been using the Lobby PMS platform for 3 years. As a result, its business performance is better. Additionaly, times in process are more effective in the productivity of its operations.

Casa Kiwi Hostel - LobbyPMS platform

Part of the need was to have a little more organized accounting control. They started using the basic tools of the system like reserves and inventories. However, realizing that the software is friendly to navigate they decided to continue implementing other functions.

Given the need for a countable control digitized, Casa Kiwi Hostel started to use basic tools of the system as bookings, inventories and purchases. Later,  when the hostel begins to grow, its needs were growing and the hostel started to use more tools on the platform.

Casa Kiwi Hostel is part of Colombia Hostel, a national hostel association focused in European and Australian guesthouse that visit hostels and hotels.

Casa Kiwi Hostel - LobbyPMS platform

The hostel has a structure of 27 rooms. It has a rooftop with a small pool,  hammock area, a pleasant kitchen for the guesthouse, free wifis and cinema room. Additionally, they provide tours and activities to pass the time in the city.

We talked with Carolina Fierro, hostel manager, she has been working for 4 years in the hostel and she has seen significant growth. For the last reason, she talked about her experience as a manager with the software in the hostel.

¿Why did you decide to implement LobbyPMS?

The hostel started with Lobby because we needed to digitize the countable control. Before using the platform we made everything with a very manual process.

We were satisfied when see that it was easier to control the part of inventories, providers, and purchases. The Lobby platform has excellent workplace tools.

¿Which are the benefits that provide LobbyPMS to the establishment?

Now we have a high performance because in the past the process was very exhausted. It took a long time and was easier to make mistakes.

This provides many benefits, such as seeing where the reservation is, the real availability of rooms, receivables, visitor consumption expenses. In conclusion, the platform streamlines the processes.

¿What are the workplace tools that you use in the platform?

We use point sales tools, inventaries, contability, customer list and providers.

The channel manager is managed by a third party that is connecting to LobbyPMS, then we haven’t problems.

¿How has been the Customer Service Systems?

Always when we have doubts or we don’t understand something we proceed to write to a technician.

They take the time to explain to you until troubleshoot. Now, with many years of experience in this platform, everything is easier. However, they provide us a lot of help at the beginning and later of migration from Optilodging.

¿Would you recommend the LobbyPMS platform?

Totally. When a hotel boss ask me about a system, I say LobbyPMS because is easy to use and has all the things that you will need for a good operation in the hosting business, and you can access from any location.

Other pro is that is a systematic process that allow you to organized and control everything in a quick way.


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