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Case of success: Isla Múcura Hostal

By: Blog Lobbypms
Date: 03 Apr, 2019
Hostal Isla Múcura

The Island of Tranquility, as it is called Múcura, in the San Bernardo del Viento archipelago, is one of the best destinations in Colombia for tourists who are looking for a break in the middle of the natural environment. From there, LobbyPMS supports lodging transformations through hotel software.

Hostal Isla Múcura is one of the clients of LobbyPMS. Only a few years ago, it started with literally 4 small rooms, and nowadays it has become one of the most visited hostel in the island. After decided to expand and start the big construction, the increasing demand has been significant.

 Online booking system in Isla Múcura Hostal | LobbyPMS

Anny Carolina Betancur works directly in the administrative and reservation sector. She helps in all areas of the hostel and has been present in all the changes of growth so far.

Looking for the needed to have a better logistic order from the hostel, they decided to implement the software that would help them in the coordination of processes.

One year ago, by reference to another user, they started using LobbyPMS. Previously, they were handling control sheets in Excel as checking booking and availability information. Now, they have a new complete tool where they can actually manage more business operations.

For Anny, one of the good thing using Lobby PMS software is that they can have the most detailed of control and inventories, activities and even identify the forms of payment from the platform by the clients. They are allowed to know who is the person who is making the reservations.

Productivity has improved noticeably, the learning process has been facilitated since they have received advice from the beggining to finish through LobbyPMS customer support. ‘The support of the engineers has been fundamental in this whole process, who regardless of day or time are always willing to help’.

Booking engine: a key functionality for the hostel

The implementation of the booking engine on the website and in the profiles of Instagram and Facebook has been a success for the business. It has facilitated the entire reservation process of the clients, allowing them to quickly consult the availability for any date of the year and make a reservation paying securely with any type of card. Lobby PMS has a complete and efficient online booking system.

Between December and January 2019, the hostel has generated more than 460 reservations processed through the online booking system of LobbyPMS, achieving a remarkable increase in the direct bookings. More than 900 guests from 15 different nationalities have been cared for, and the hostel has daily between 80 and 134 people hosted.

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